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Order your unique bar code so that SoundScan can track your music and get your sales information into the right hands. Since 2003 Elman Productions has helped thousands of artists and filmmakers put their DVD, CD, cassette, video, single, vinyl, 7 inch, or any other musical format into the marketplace. Combined with all of our other outstanding services, Elman Productionscan be trusted to help you from start to finish.  

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First, you need to determine whether it makes sense to establish your own UCC vendor code.

To get your own bar code you can go to the Uniform Code Council (UCC) at http://www.uc-council.org however it could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your needs. To create your own bar codes your minimum cost will require a $750 registration fee and an additional $150 annually to keep your account valid. When you factor in the cost of your bar code software and your valuable time, for artists not producing 10,000 releases itís far more cost effective with Elman Productions.

But you should clearly understand the difference.

At Elman Productions we can provide you with an individual and entirely unique bar code for an unbelievably ridiculous price.

Hereís how it works:

A bar code is essentially just a 12-digit number and it is the last 6-digits of this number that makes it unique. If you are gifted at math, you will quickly realize that one UPC number can be assigned to up to 10,000 releases. Of course, producing 10,000 releases would require more than a lifetime in a recording studio, but at Elman Productions, itís done all the time. This is how we can keep the price affordable for even a starving artist.

Furthermore, our solid reputation for honesty and trustworthy business practices is backed by strict policies and procedures that protect the interests of our artists.

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