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EL~Man Productions Inc.

  • Our goal is to create a better duplication company that produces a Top quality product. Our Duplication process will provide the highest quality in the iIndustry and it should be near impossible to tell the difference between our Replicated products versus our Duplication product.


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El~Man Productions Inc., serving all of southern California since 2003.
The company specializes in CD duplication based in Hollywood, CA and after only 2 years of establishing the business, our clientele increased to over 2,000 customers. These results were based on word of mouth advertisement. Imagine the possibilities using expanded Marketing techniques. Some of our major clients include, companies such as Capitol Records, ABC, Disney, known Artists as Judge Mabelean, Snoop Dog, Janet Jackson and many.

At El~Man Productions, we recognize CD replication as the standard. However, CD duplication has been on the rise since 2005. Because of this, more iindependent artists are now able to market their own product without having the backing of a major record company. The average independent artist cannot afford to replicate thousands of CD's at one time. Therefore, these clients have resorted to CD duplication in a major way. Due to the fact that CD duplication is less expensive and literally can be reproduced with a minimum of one CD at a time, the independent artist tends to produce smaller amounts of CD's over longer periods of time; thereby, increasing the financial possibilities for everyone involved.


Hollywood Duplicators

  • Our Sister company Hollywood Dupliccators came on the scene in 2005 as Replications and Duplication became more in demand.
  • We needed to expand our services. with over 2,000 active clients within two years. We branched out into three different cities.
  • Hollywood, Montclair, and Chino CA.

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